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Bryan A.

Senior Account Executive

Very impressive, well done. It's a really cool platform and creative concept to completion.

Bev T.

Home Cook

That was fun! It's a beautiful magazine. The photography makes me want to run to the kitchen and get cookin'.

Ryan R.

Publication Manager

This is without a doubt the best magazine I've seen on this subject ever.

Steve Young

Magazine Executive

The writing is well done but almost more importantly, the layout, photos and artwork are some of the best I've seen.
Table Setting

Foodies By The Numbers

53% of Americans consider themselves foodies

54% of Gen Z consider themselves foodies

66% of Millennials consider themselves foodies

92% of consumers read restaurant reviews BEFORE making a decision about where to eat

A Typical Foodie

Two-Thirds of the Foodie Community is female

Foodies tend to choose high quality over cost 

Foodies cover a wide range of demographics, but Sopexa's Research found that in the U.S., the average foodie were usually over the age of 35 and 93% of foodies cooked at home daily, with most foodies going out to eat only two or three times per month.

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